2 Person Hyperbaric Chamber

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Highest Level of Reliability & Safety

Monoblock multiple place chamber built and approved for two persons at a time. These chambers can be pressurized by medical oxygen or conventional indoor air. If pressurized with 100% oxygen, the patient breathes oxygen directly while receiving care. O2K-102 Medical Hyperbaric Chamber If pressurized by conventional air, the patient will breathe 100% oxygen through the breathing mask. Each patient is uniquely assigned a specific atmospheric pressure during each course of treatment, which is set by the assigned physician. Monoblock single place chambers typically use a pressure of 1.5 to test at 3.0 ATA.

Maximum Patient Comfort

Oxygen can be quickly dissolved in the blood, the partial pressure of oxygen in the blood can be increased, the blood oxygen content can be increased by more than 14 times Improve microcirculation and promote the early establishment of collateral circulation; Promote the softening and disappearance of thromboembolism, recanalize blocked blood vessels, and improve the ischemic state of the tissue; Reduce and eliminate tissue edema, including Control brain edema and reduce intracranial pressure; Improve the sensitivity of tumor cells to radiotherapy and chemotherapy; Hyperbaric oxygen is also a broad-spectrum antibacterial agent that can inhibit the growth of bacteria (especially anaerobic bacteria); Hyperbaric oxygen can also compress the gas imprisoned in the body and promote its absorption and elimination, thereby treating gas embolism and decompression sickness. Health care function hypoxia and ischemia state of tissue cells.

CE MARK and ISO 13485

In general, the single cabin window is made of see-through acrylic enabling to watch outside, also the patient can communicate with the technician through the internal audio system, who always monitors the patient from the outside of the cabin. Single place chamber is commonly used in hospitals and private office environments. It can treat 14 different diseases. ISO 13485 CE Mark for wellness and EU & FDA approval on approval process for medical device.

Reliability & Safety Monoblock Hyperbaric Chamber

Superior communications system to insure clear, dependable two-way communications with patients. External control module allows for discreet handset or speaker to monitor patient’s voice communication. Backup power source allows for safe, uninterrupted communication in the event of a power outage. Pneumatic control panel to insure safe operation of the system even in the event of power failure. Extra wide Stryker® Gurney which locks to chamber for patient comfort and safety Monoblock two-person Hyperbaric Chamber.

Patient Comfort

• The world’s highest quality technology internal diameter 1780mm. The longest tube available in its class 2400 mm.

• Exclusive patent technology height adjustable for safe patient transfer and backrest adjustable for patient comfort with 100% Oxygen.

• Comfortably accommodates a patient up to 730 Kg.

• Airconditioning, cool and quiet patient treatment compartment.

• Optional entertainment quality TV system for patient enjoyment.

Customized Monoblock Hyperbaric

• Hyperbaric Chamber with remote controls and two-door opening.

• Flat screen 12” TV connected and adjustable for patient entertaining system.

• Patient monitor.

• Centralized monitoring and reporting for connection to errors and register on cloud. Most advance security system control.

• Three O2 For Life 24h service with affordable annual service.

• Additional design, equipment, interior and accessories on request.

O2K-102 Specifications

Width: 1,800 mm
Lenght: 2,400 mm
Height: 1,800 mm
Internal Diameter: 1,780 mm
Internal Length: 2,286 m
Internal Volume: 3,5 cu. m
Weight: 730 Kg
Max Op. Pressure: 2,07 bar (3 ATA) / advice 1,5 ATA
Design Temperature: 22° TO 28° C
O2 Supply Pressure: 2- 4 bar
Fresh Air: 150 lpm- 300lpm
High Quality Air Filtration: 0,01 ppm
Pressure increase Rate: 5min to 15 min
Emergency Depress Rate: 2 ATA to 1 ATA in 150 sec.- 220 sec.

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Our patented HBOT chambers using Hyperbaric Technology

Also known as Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy chambers or Hyperbaric chambers for Oxygen treatment



1 Person Hyperbaric Chamber

Monoblock single place chamber Build and approved for one single person at a time.



2 Person Hyperbaric Chamber

Monoblock multiple place chamber built and approved for two persons at a time.



4 Person Hyperbaric Chamber

Monoblock multiple place chamber built and approved for 4 people at a time.

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